AMS Resin
A prescription for Advanced Modelers Syndrome
I started modeling when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was given a car model for my birthday.
If I remember correctly it was the Monogram "Hot Rod", (1954). I was hooked!
I built  hundreds of model cars until I joined the U. S. NAVY in 1963.
I no longer built models until I moved to Redding Cal. in 1993.
I saw a sign  on a marquee, saying that there was a "model show and contest, free to the public". My wife and I walked into the show, not knowing what to expect.
I was completely surprised by the level of skill and artistry I saw.
I was invited to visit the local club meeting. I was given another old Monogram kit to build. This time it was the P-40. It took me a month to complete it. After I bought a new airbrush and compressor (that's what the guys used at the contest I was told) The members said that I should enter it in the next contest.
I went with a group and entered it. I won a third place in the category.
Now, I was really hooked!
After that, I entered everything I built and  placed with everyone of them.
I competed at the Nationals from '94 to '98, I placed  in all of them as well. I preferred  vacu- forms, scratch-built or converted models. I have never built one out of the box, not even the old Monogram P-40.
During that time, I wrote articles on my models for several magazines.
I ended most of my building for competitions after the '98 Nationals. I had developed an eye problem that prevented me from seeing well enough to be competitive. However, I could see microbes at six inches from my nose.
A few years ago, I had a modeling friend over to talk models.  (Bruce Craig) His interest was the 1/48 scale F-84 plankwings. My interest was more on the "F" versions. He talked about a possible backdate of the plankwing, I wanted to do something for the Monogram/Heller RF-84F/F-84F. He started work on the backdate conversion and I started on the updates for the "F"s. (His conversion is very complicated and is taking a long time to get into production). I finished a pile of updates for the "F" versions. After some made it out to the modelers, I was asked "what's next?".

A Short Modeling History