AMS Resin
A prescription for Advanced Modelers Syndrome
1/48 scale:

On the bench:

F-84F cockpit for HobbyBoss kit..suspended

A-1 props blades, completed...casting for retail 

M​​​​47 WP bombs, completed...casting for retail

​​AERO 1C 150 gallon tanks, ...casting for retail

FPU-3/A (AERO 1C ttank for USN after 1970)​​,..casting for retail

CNU-188/A travel pod (blivet)...casting for retail

CNU-169/A travel pod (AERO 1C tank)...nearling completion​​


Reworking masters:


1/32 scale:

Reworking  masters:


On the bench:

Ejection seats for Revall Sea Venom...casting for retail

AIM-4D Falcon, missiles completed, needs launch rails

AS 34 KOMORAN, needs launch rails...suspended

Exocet missile , missile completed, needs launch rails..suspended

GBU-10 laser guided bomb with ablative coating,...suspended

A-7D wheels completed, casting for retail

A-7E​ wheels completed, casting for retail

F-104 main wheels and tires, early version. ​..suspended

F-104 main wheels and tires, late version. ..suspended

AGM-78 STANDARD ARM, completed... but will be a "limited edition"​​


         Not so secret future projects
No completion dates, just when I get time